Static Cling Vinyl Download Bulletin
Summary: Static cling vinyl is a 7.0 mil highly plasticized vinyl film designed to adhere to most clean, smooth surfaces. Static cling is available in either clear or white. These films are designed to accept a variety of UV curable and solvent-based screen inks and are available topcoated for use with flexographic, offset and letterpress inks but must be tested prior to use.
Applications:This product is designed for window decals, temporary product markings, point of purchase displays and protective masking.

Substrates: Static cling vinyl is designed for temporary application to glass. It may also function adequately on other smooth, clean surfaces such as metal and plastics. Thoroughly test this product when applying to painted surfaces. Hazing may develop on the painted surface with extended exposure to static cling vinyl.
Liner Thickness Side One:8 pt board, 10 pt. board and 90# lay flat.
Temperature Ranges:Minimum application 40°F.
Service temperature 20°F to 200°F.
Expected Exterior Exposure:Static cling vinyl may be used for temporary applications to exterior glass, up to 3 months. Temperature, wind and rain may limit the bond of static cling vinyl on exterior windows. Clear static cling can yellow with prolonged exposure to UV radiation.
Storage Stability:Shelf life of 3 months. Excessive heat over 75°F. and humidity over 75% increases the rate of plasticizer migration. These factors could affect ink adhesion and printability.
Product Codes:VSC-7.0-TC (7.0 mil clear topcoated)
Recommendations:Application Techniques: The surface must be clean, smooth and as close to room temperature as possible. Cold surfaces reduce the bond of the vinyl. Small decals may be applied dry. Large decals should be applied by wetting the substrate and the decal with glass cleaner. Use a roller to smooth the decal onto the substrate.