Summary: PP-OL-AP is a 3.75 mil clear flexible embossed polypropylene film designed for use as an economical short term protective overlay for Traffic Graffic™ decals. This laminate is also an environmentally friendly alternative to PVC films. PP-OL-AP overlaminate offers a permanent acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive formulated for exceptional clarity and bond for these types of applications. 
Applications:This product is intended for use as and overlaminating film to produce short term Traffic Graffic  floor decals, table and counter top applications. PP-OL is also approved for indirect food contact. The adhesive is formulated to adhere to most common printing inks. However, specific ink formulations must be tested before use. Some inks may contain excessive flow additives that could reduce adhesion of this product. Test before production.
Film Thickness:3.75 mils.
(Thickness variation +/- 10%)
Adhesive Thickness Side One:.8 to 1.1 mils.
(Thickness variation +/- 10%)
Liner Thickness Side One:4 mils.
(Thickness variation +/- 10%)
Temperature Ranges:Minimum application temperature           +40°F.
Service temperature                               -40°F to +200°F.
Expected Exterior Exposure:This product is designed for interior applications.
Adhesion:To stainless steel                                              40 Oz. / In.  
Tested according to PSTC-101 Method A with 24-hour dwell at 70°F and 50% relative humidity. 
Typical values.  Individual values may vary. Test thoroughly before production.
Water Resistance:Good.
Humidity Resistance:Excellent.
Storage Stability:Six (6) months shelf life when stored at 70°F and 50% relative humidity. 
Product Codes:PP-OL-AP/53#           54” & 60” wide