GF 118

Clear Mounting Film - Permanent Adhesive / Removable Adhesive Download Bulletin
Summary: GF 118 is a double-coated pressure sensitive 1.0 mil clear polyester film with a permanent adhesive on one side and removable adhesive on the other side. GF 118 is a 2 liner construction. One side has a 1.2 mil clear polyester liner printed with “Remove to Expose Adhesive” to identify the removable adhesive and allows the graphics to be viewed after lamination. The other side has a 1.5 mil clear polyester liner for added clarity and wet out (permanent adhesive side). This product is designed for laminating thin flexible plastic films and papers commonly found in graphics for temporary application to glass. GF 118 clear mounting film can be laminated by a cold laminating process without the addition of heat. If additional heat is desired to aid in the process and wet out, a maximum of 110 deg. F. is recommended.
Applications:This clear mounting film is designed to mount digital prints, screen printed and other printed images to glass to produce a cleanly removable graphic. In all cases the substrates must be clean and free of dust, dirt and oil. Test your specific application before production.
Film Thickness:1.0 mils.
(Thickness variance +/- 10%)
Adhesive Thickness Side One:0.8 to 1.0 mil
(Thickness variance +/- 10%)
Liner Thickness Side One:1.2 to 1.4 mils.
(Thickness variance +/- 10%)
Adhesive Thickness Side Two:0.8 to 1.0 mil
(Thickness variance +/- 10%)
Liner Thickness Side Two:1.2 to 1.4 mils.
(Thickness variance +/- 10%)
Temperature Ranges:Minimum application temperature +30°F.
Service temperature range -40°F to +180°F.
Surface must be clean and dry. Keep Concept® 113 warm as possible before application.
Dimensional Stability:Good.
Expected Exterior Exposure:Removability of the adhesive from standard window glass is up to 6 months under normal exposure conditions.
Adhesion: To glass: 5 to 15 oz. / in.
To standard test panels: 5 to 15 oz. /in.
When tested according to PSTC-101 Method A with a 24-hr. dwell at 70°F and 50%
relative humidity. Typical values. Individual values may vary.
Test thoroughly before production.
Storage Stability:One (1) year shelf life when stored at 70°F and 50% relative humidity.
Product Codes:118-54  54” x 150’